Disclaimer | Express Bartender
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ExpressBartender.com and Members.ExpressBartender.com are meant for educational purposes only. Our course does not satisfy any state licenses or certifications.

We provide job leads, as requested, and resume review services in an attempt to improve our members’ chances of receiving a job but cannot and do not guarantee any of our members will receive a job after completing the course. Express Bartender reserves the right to limit or discontinue the amount of job leads and resume review requests by any particular member for misuse or abuse at any time for any reason.

We provide a certificate upon completion of the course. Completing the course involves passing 2 quizzes and 1 final exam. The Express Bartender certificate of completion is a document that verifies a particular member has completed the Express Bartender online course to satisfactory standards.

Videos displayed in the members section are property of their original creators. Video content has not been factored into the cost of the course and members are not paying to access videos displayed in the members section.