Express Bartender - Bartending Course Testimonials
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I was looking for a simple way to get my feet wet in bartending. I was looking into a few bartending jobs but before I applied I wanted to learn a few things before I could go to my interviews. Express Bartender really was a quick way to learn and helped me dominate my interviews.
Steve S. ,
I had some spare time and wanted to learn something new. One of my friends had just done one of those live bartending classes. It sounded really cool but I didn’t want to spend $500 to take a class like that. I did some searching and came across this class. It was pretty self explanatory and definitely worth the money!
Alice Y. ,
This was probably the coolest/funniest gift my roommate gave me. Basically the card said he was tired of the sh*tty drinks and hoped this course would improve my ‘drink making skills.’ Overall, I learned a lot of interesting things about alcohol and have been putting it to good use!
Tim O. ,
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